At Huron Shores optometry, we use advanced technology to assess the health of your eyes and provide our doctors with the comprehensive information required to provide optimal care for your eyes.

Retinal photography

Your retina if the “film” on which your vision is captured and is crucial to your vision.

Digital retinal photography provides a detailed objective view of the retina, optic nerve and the retinal blood supply, and allows screening for changes due to conditions such as macular degeneration, diabetes, glaucoma and high blood pressure. By providing a permanent record of your retina, DRP helps the doctors monitors for any changes in retinal health over time.

Retinal Photography
Retinal Photography

OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography)

The latest in diagnostic technology, OCT provides amazing detail of the internal structures of the eye.

Unlike a typical photo, an OCT gives a cross section of the retina and detailed measurements which assist in detecting retinal pathology. Patients who either have eye disease or at risk of developing eye disease will benefit from this quick, non-invasive test.

Becoming better informed is very beneficial to your vision.


While we try our best to inform you about your vision and eye health at the time of your appointment, we understand that questions often arrive after the office visit.

While patients are welcome to contact us, there are also many trusted on-line sources of information through our professional associations and eye care partners across Canada and the united states. For more education about eye health visit the Eye Health Library at Doctors of Optometry. Here, you will find information on eye conditions and can learn how you can take and active role in in your vision care. Other reputable sites are :

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